About Ponyscape

Ponyscape Abbreviated Logo

Ponyscape is a pony-themed DarkRP Garry’s Mod community.

We try to further an agenda of tolerance, understanding and cooperation here while providing a roleplay and gaming environment with a multicultural staff. Our community doesn’t discriminate against race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality or even if someone is a fan or not of pony-related things.

Ponyscape had its start the summer of 2014, originally opening its doors as Equestrian Roleplay. It was the first “Equestrian” Gmod pony server. The server was operated largely by the charity of friends, and changed hosting several times, trying to accomodate a higher player count as time passed. Our staff is composed of both community veterans and newer players. The name Ponyscape was suggested at the time of our founding but another server had a similar name as we were creating it. That server is no longer around, and as a way to honor the memory of the Garry’s Mod Pony community, and that there are too many “Equestrian” servers, we’ve decided to transition to a similar name.